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nano science kit

You and your students will marvel as the spheres settle and grow right before your eyes. As each stage progresses, each subject can be discussed and explained to the students making this introduction to the fascinating and exciting world of NanoScience and NanoTechnology very compelling for the Teacher and Student alike.

Once complete, the kit becomes a keepsake to be worn by anyone.

Fun, Interactive, & Live NanoScience Kit using Real Particles
Aligned to Your State Science Standards!

NanoScience Kit – ($24.95 each)

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NanoScience Kits Include the following:

Decorative Glass Test Tube

The decorative glass test tube receives the solution and allows the formation of opal in the bottom. Afterward, it can be put on a chain and worn as a pendant



The polypropylene funnel and reservoir holds and gathers the solution while it settles gradually and delicately into place.


Transfer Tube

A polypropylene transfer tube safely seals the silica solution from the air while in transit.



A polypropylene transfer pipette with assist in transferring the silica solution from the shipping test tube to the funnel to begin the experiment.


Settling Exhibit

A clear tube with lid holds the experiment while the opal is forming and acts as an viewing window for observations.



"We walked a long way and threw a ring into a volcano. It was hard."

Bilbo Baggins

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